Crystal Ally Reading: 11/26-12/1

Image 1994 Naisha Ahsian

Crystal Ally Card Reading: Earth

The Crystal Ally Cards were created by Naisha Ahsian in the nineties. They are one of my favorite oracle decks. Naisha developed the card system to help intuitive readers and healers connect with the mineral kingdom. They are also wonderful tools to explore the four classical elements and the fifth element: aether.

The Earth element is associated with health, money, and your home life. The earth heals by helping to ground people so they don’t feel spacey or deprived of what they need.

For the next week, humanity has a wonderful opportunity to heal scarcity consciousness by understanding our connection to one another. It will be tempting to fight over scarce resources or frustrating situations. This card indicates powerful creativity is possible when people join forces. Opportunities will appear out of nowhere.

This is a very powerful week for people who work with the environment or healers who work in group settings. It will be easier to create plans that have strong foundations because of this synergy. It will be necessary to avoid trying to save projects that don’t work. Communication may be tricky as there is a tendency to keep looking for more information before making a decision. However, this will be a good week to move resources or change plans if we work together.

On the level of the individual, the earth card means you don’t have to do it all yourself. You are being cared for by Mother Earth. Time in nature will help you center yourself. This is a great time to discover you have more health and money resources than you previously thought.

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  1. Wonderful post and very reassuring!

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