Trecenas: The 13 Day Pyramid

In the late 1990’s, I was fortunate to meet people who were studying and following the Mayan Sacred Calendar, the Tzolk’in. This 260 day cycle contains two smaller cycles: twenty daysigns and 13 day “weeks” called trecenas. Every trecena is named after the daysign that falls on the first of the 13 days. We are currently in the Chuen  (in Yucatan Maya) trecena, named after the howler monkey beings in the Popol Vu.  Here is a little more about the Chuen trecena. (You can find the full forecast for the current trecena by clicking on the Mayan Calendar Portal link in the blogroll.)

“The upcoming thirteen days embody a magical period of creativity, art, music, dance and play. This is the time to slip out of your rigid corporate persona, leave that business suit and tie in the closet, and let the real, creative you thrive. “

Some authors have compared the trecena to a wave or a pyramid (Jose Arguelles called them wavespells). The first day is like the base of the pyramid. It’s important but not as powerful as the period from day six through nine. We have reached day 7, the top of the pyramid.  Wednesday’s daysign/number is  7 Earth  or Uuc Caban. Uuc has the power to see what holds us back or decide where things are going.  Caban is powerful and insightful with flashes of brilliance. How is the creative power of this trecena manifesting in your life?

For a brief interpretation of today’s daysign/number click here.

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