Beth Seilonen, creator of “Tarot Leaves” is one of my favorite tarot artists. This is a post to get you started with creating your own deck. It’s a fantastic way to get to know the cards better.

Beth Seilonen, Tarot and Divination Arts

There are a number of ways to create your own decks and many more ways to apply various techniques, here are just a few quick tips and techniques that may help you along your way.

Material suggestions:

100 lb Bristol Board – This paper has a wonderful thickness that makes it perfect for those who wish to use  charcoal, color pencil, markers, ink or even crayon.  

140 lb Watercolor Paper – smooth or rough it is up to your own preference.

110 lb Cardstock – Cardstock is wonderful for pen, ink and pencil work and is probably one of the most economical papers on the market that will work in a pinch to create a deck.

Scrapbook Paper Cutter – a simple paper cutter that can be picked up at your local craft store.  Be sure that it has at least a platform area that is larger than the cards you wish to…

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