December Crystal Ally: Rhodonite/Talents


Image 1999 Naisha Ahsian


Rhodonite is a manganese-based mineral that is associated with the fire element. Fire stimulates enthusiasm and action.  Rhodonite heals by encouraging us to create love by sharing our talents with our communities. On the physical level, Rhodonite heals liver, kidney, and lung disease. It also heals inflammation.

There is a focus on our local and global community this month.  People are recognizing the need for healing in our communities and sensing this is a good time for change.  There is the potential for contact with inspiring teachers in dreams and waking life. This is because we are being attuned to receive a vision about how we can share our individual gifts with the world. We are transitioning from one age to another in the Mayan Calendar. We are all needed to help birth the new world.

But there is also the shadow side to this process- there’s some emotional clearing to create the structure that Rhodonite is helping us build. We may be more susceptible to negativity and power struggles when we meet in groups. There may be more criticism than usual, especially about how quickly to let go of strategies that no longer work. This can lead to some emotional exchanges. Rhodonite helps us understand the doubts and pressures causing these outbursts so that we can support one another.

As a participant in this global process of transformation, you may feel called to share your gifts with your community. Rhodonite will help heal your doubts and show you your path if you don’t have one already. You may feel inspired to work on developing your gifts in a more focused way this month.  Or you may find yourself working behind the scenes with little recognition. In time, your efforts will be noticed and appreciated, especially if you are sharing what you love to do.

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One Response to December Crystal Ally: Rhodonite/Talents

  1. nowmomentjourney says:

    I’m glad I re-read this post tonight–it was very helpful. Thank you for your readings!

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