This is a fantastic new deck by Beth Seilonen.

Beth Seilonen, Tarot and Divination Arts

RingOver this past year, I have seen a rise of Lenormand decks on various forums and my curiosity  has grown by leaps and bounds.  Finally, after having a reading done by a dear friend of mine and attending a class presented by Rana George at the Tarot Convention ’12 in Dallas.  I felt it was time to place the pencil to paper and allow myself the time to explore a new cartomancy structure.

My first Lenormand deck, Tierney’s Secret Owl Lenormand, featured the Owls from Tierney’s Delight, an arcana deck that just had a terrific light hearted bit of fun with tarot.  The deck itself is named after Tierney Sadler, a writer of tarot and who has an undying love for Neil De Grasse Tyson (a most amazing scientist for NASA).

The follow up deck, Magick Lenormand, was named after Tierney’s dog (Magick Moonbeam), who is prominately featured on the Dog card…

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