The Green Man Makes An Entrance!


(The Fool/Green Man from the Sacred Circle Tarot)

I’ve been spending the last month reading with the Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin. The deck features photo collages of megaliths and other holy places in the UK. Like the Greenwood Tarot, reading with this deck helps the land really communicate through the cards.

Last Thursday, I was surprised to draw the Fool/Green Man card from the Sacred Circle Tarot during my reading. It made sense as I’m creating a new project right now. I was intrigued by the energy of the Green Man as a force that could propel someone forward. It makes an interesting companion to the Fool’s association with Uranus, a planet that creates sudden changes or flashes of insight. I’ve always been fascinated by the wild force of nature. I wondered how the energy of that card would manifest in my life that day. Tarot synchronicity is fascinating.

Since it was also my sister’s birthday, the two of us had decided to attend a free lecture given by James Wanless at my local bookstore. He was discussing his recent work: teaching the tarot in Asia, creating an oracle deck called “Sustain Yourself” cards, and publishing a digital book “channeled” by the Green Man!

He told a wonderful story (it’s in the book) about writing a letter to the Green Man and the “vision” that he received afterwards. The Green Man (like the Fool) loves dramatic action! James Wanless was really enthusiastic about his interaction with this archetype and the new book. My sister and I were impressed and I decided to buy the digital book.

I realized this was not just the archetype of the Fool card manifesting in my life, but a real message from the undomesticated nature energies personified by the Green Man. When I’m creating something new, I like to map out the balance between my vision (feminine) and my ability to act on it (masculine). I love using the Heart of Faerie Oracle for this type of reading because it contains so many feminine and masculine images.. So I drew three cards from that deck in the following positions:

What is in balance? Queen of Shadows

What is out of balance (depleted)? The Green Man

What will help restore the balance? The Prince of Light


I was surprised to see two masculine cards including the Green Man! Clearly, my ability to take action was suffering and needed some support. I’ve made some adjustments and feel more inspired. I have more respect for interplay between cards and nature energies.

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