What is a Tarot Counseling Session?


(Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr) 

I have just finished an eight week class with James Wells called “Tarot Counseling for Self and Others”. This class introduced me to the world of Evolutionary Tarot. The Evolutionary Tarot process encourages a person to create a better, more empowered future. It’s been a fantastic journey and I highly recommend it to anyone who practices divination.

Unlike a traditional tarot reading – an Evolutionary Tarot counseling session does not predict the future.  A person chooses this type of reading because he or she feels blocked or would like to move forward in some area of their life.  The reader (me) uses my intuition and knowledge of the cards to help the client uncover new insights and answers. These insights create new understanding and often shift or begin to shift blocks. The client ultimately answers his or her own question as we work together.

There are three phases of a tarot counseling session:

The question – this involves clarifying what the person wants to create or change. We find the question and I create a custom tarot layout to explore it.

The conversation – this is where we share our observations, feelings, and questions about the cards. During this process, insights emerge.

The action – the querent leaves the tarot session with doable actions and the beginnings of a different mindset about the issue. This process may create small or large meaningful changes over time.

I’d like to share an experience from a recent reading for a client (I’ll call her Kay). She was concerned that she hadn’t made more progress with her job search and a new business she is starting. Kay works in an emerging field. She has had difficulty finding like-minded businesses to partner with.

During her reading, she drew Inanna/The Star from the Goddess Tarot. We were sharing ideas about what was working in her new business when she noticed the ring of stars around the goddess. She had a breakthrough and realized that she had found a way to network with like-minded businesses outside of her usual contacts. The insight gave her more enthusiasm and confidence. Later in the session, she created an action plan that allowed her to move forward after a period of inaction.

If I had been giving a traditional reading, I might have interpreted “The Star” card in that position as an inspiring connection or the forward-looking aspect of her work. We would have looked to the cards for actions to take after the session. The tarot counseling process is different; the action begins during the session because the client has created a new insight.

Of course, this was a relatively simple issue. A tarot counseling session involving more complex issues tends to create changes or insights more slowly. Sometimes change requires multiple sessions.

I am thrilled to be offering Evolutionary Tarot sessions by phone or Skype. If you are interested in exploring one, please contact me at childrenofthesunreadings@gmail.com

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