2014 is a Chariot Year!


Sirian Starseed Tarot

Tarot Year Cards are a fascinating way to journey through the Major Arcana symbols. The concept is a fascinating blend of tarot and numerology. There is both a year card for every individual and a global, collective year card. It’s easy to calculate our global year card: simply add 2014 as single digits. So 2+0+1+4=7.

This year is connected to The Chariot, the seventh Major Arcana card. The Chariot represents movement, will, integration of positive and negative emotions. In the Sirian Starseed Tarot, the card depicts Krishna, the spiritual warrior. After The Lovers, our year card for 2013, many of us have collectively had to make choices based on our hearts: to work on issues or projects that we love. We have experienced the polar opposites of high idealism and real collective shadow or negativity.

Now we all leap into motion together this year. Changes will come quickly. It could be turbulent time for us on planet Earth, but after our Lovers year, there is great potential to really understand each other and work together. The Chariot rider has to work in a skillful way with the forces that pull the vehicle forward. He or she can not run roughshod over obstacles, but must learn to go with the flow. The spiritual warrior must commit to his or her goal, yet have detachment. I have a little tarot practice I’m using to do this.

I like to flip through my deck and look for majors that symbolize the questions I am looking for.

High Priestess: what I need to detach from

Sun: What is working

Judgment: what needs to be improved or brought to a new level

Death: what needs to be released

Chariot: how I can move forward with enthusiasm again

Then I draw the first card after that major. These cards symbolize the message of that major. Let’s say I draw the 3 of Pentacles after the High Priestess. I might need to detach from whether my work or resource plan is successful. This allows me to go into the rest of the reading with an open and receptive mind. By the end of the reading I have four more quick answers that allow me to refocus my energies.

I hope this Chariot year brings movement and integration as you pursue what matters to you!

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