Listening to the Earth: Nature Divination with Cards


photo: John Connelly

People who practice nature divination assume the earth is a living, wise being. Some refer to this conscious earth energy as Gaia. Gaia constantly communicates with us through psychic messages, signs, and coincidences. Learning to read these signs is a great way to strengthen your connection to nature and helps to develop your energy field and psychic gifts. It’s as if we are hard-wired to communicate with the earth.

People receive messages from nature all the time, but many may not realize it or be comfortable with interpreting them. One way to begin a conversation with Gaia is to find a book about nature omens and look up your latest message from the wild. Since I’m a tarot reader, I was looking for an approach that uses cards.


photo: Merissa Lovett

I’ve recently discovered Gail Morrison, an eco-therapist and photographer. She has created a fantastic tool called the Earth Deck. (Here are some of the lovely images). So how can this tool cultivate a better relationship with the earth?

Looking at cards creates learning (remember flash cards in school?). The Earth Deck cards draw me in and remind me of time I have spent in nature. The images are lovely symbols that suggest many possible interpretations. I think it’s a wonderful idea and would love to explore this deck.

The Earth Deck also inspired me to create my own set of nature divination oracle cards, based on messages from nature I have received. I have been consciously listening to Gaia since I was 19, so nature divination is very personal and local for me. I needed images of wild places I have visited (Florida, Peru, New Jersey) and natural elements I have communicated with. My partner, John Connelly, generously offered dozens of his lovely nature photographs for my project. I selected and cropped the images to create readable cards. The results are the cards in the photo below.


When I read with this deck, the pictures combine to tell stories as tarot cards often do. (One card portraying a bird singing combined with another featuring a sunset scene advised me to speak up about my need to relax). They also remind me of experiences when I successfully listened to nature. For example, the first time I “heard” a stream speak to me. The card and memory combine to reinforce the gentle practical advice and mirroring I have received at such moments. This encourages deeper listening in the future.


photo: John Connelly

I encourage anyone who wants to deepen their connection to nature to try this project or buy an Earth Deck. If you already work with an Earth Deck, why not integrate some of your own special nature photographs into readings? You may encourage a stronger connection to your local nature energies this way.

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