What Do You Want To Create? : Half-Hour Brainstorming Sessions



There is a part of you that always knows what you truly want. One name for this self-part is the inner feminine. We use words like “vision” or “purpose” to describe her voice when it is healthy and easy to understand. However, sometimes her voice can be difficult to hear. A person can’t answer the question, “What do I truly want?”


When the inner feminine is not balanced, it can feel like traveling on a ship with no compass. It’s easier to settle for an easier, less satisfying path. You might change directions frequently or feel like you want everything at once.


At moments like these, you can take advantage of a fantastic brainstorming tool: a tarot or oracle deck! Tarot brainstorming is a wonderful way to dialogue with this elusive self-part. Brainstorming takes a playful approach that opens a person to new possibilities! And it only takes a half-hour.


Here’s an example of the type of breakthrough that can happen:


My client wanted to move. She used to love large, airy, suburban houses near water. She needed something different, but did not know what. She felt that her needs had changed; suburbia was not calling to her.


We chose one card from the Mythical Goddess Tarot: the 9 of Earth/Community. As we began to explore the images on the card, she realized how important it was to feel her feet on the bare ground. She described how happy she was when she drove past a nearby state park. She had an insight: she now needed to be around wilderness!


So draw one card from your favorite deck. Let it show you something you truly want. Or schedule a tarot brainstorming session sometime!








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