Acting on Your Vision: Empowering the Inner Masculine withTarot

Once you have encouraged the inner feminine to reveal your true desires, it’s time to take action! This is the work of the inner masculine: planning, structure, and action.

You can have a terrific vision, but get bogged down in the planning process. Or you might have trouble taking that first step.

The structure of a tarot deck allows the inner masculine to discover blocks and create good plans. Planning with tarot promotes a dialogue between the feminine and masculine. It encourages whole brain thinking.

So how can tarot brainstorming assist this process? I’ll share an example:

Jay, a very intuitive and creative client, was frustrated with ABC business networking. He felt it was slow and unproductive. During his session, we pulled the Ascension/World card from the Sirius Starseed Tarot. As he engaged with the symbolism ofthe card, he realized that he was ignoring his strength: his intuition! The networking process was shutting down his creativity.

We explored synchronicity and its role in his networking process. His most productive experiences occurred when there was a synchronistic event, a signal to go forward. He realized that ignoring this signal wasted time. He needed to unite his intuition with strategy to succeed. He tried this and felt enthusiastic about the process again.

If you would like to experience a half-hour brainstorming session, please contact me at: . I would be honored to assist you in your process.


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