Surfing A Solar Storm

Greenwood Tarot/The Shaman

Greenwood Tarot/The Shaman

Have you experienced increased energy, irritability, sleeplessness, or anxiety this week? Sensitive people may react this way to solar storms or when the solar wind is stronger than usual. I happen to know a lot of clairvoyant and highly sensitive people. My friends and I notice these symptoms after solar flares or when the solar wind tops 380-400 km/sec. (It’s 439 km/sec today). You can visit Space Weather to track these storms.


Sounds terrible, right? Actually, it’s an invitation to use my sensitivity in a powerful way. So I drew a card in the Greenwood Tarot for advice and found myself looking at The Shaman. This is a card about working with the elements in a skillful way. It also has a connection to the 10 cards, like the Ten of Wands. Tens can be about having a little too much of something. Like the Shaman in the Greenwood Tarot, I can go within to find a way to manage this abundance of energy.



A shaman has the natural world as an ally. In this situation, I love to work with the energy of a “power spot”. This is a place that contains the energies I need to feel my best. It also amplifies my abilities to connect with intuition.


My power spot is Hudson Bayou. It is a type of portal to the Otherworld. I like to leave an offering and meditate for a few minutes. Profound insights and shifts are possible during solar storms when I do this.


If you are highly sensitive, there’s probably a place that you are already aware of. You might notice that you’re more relaxed, peaceful and intuitive after visiting it. If you notice that solar storms affect you, try to go to your power spot. You may start to enjoy these powerful energies from the sun.




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  1. muddcat1 says:

    Thank you for the link to space weather-com.

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