Following the “Ways” of our Wild Ancestors

“Rather than healing the Earth, we should be looking to the Earth to heal us.” –Paul Deveraux, Re-Visioning the Earth.

"The Ancestor": Greenwood Tarot by Chesca Potter

“The Ancestor”: Greenwood Tarot by Chesca Potter

This image from the Greenwood Tarot depicts Elen of the Ways. The “ways” are the trails ancient Europeans followed to hunt reindeer and gather edible plants.

They are also teachings that demonstrate the sacred reciprocity underlying our relationship with nature. Nature nurtures us physically, emotionally, spiritually and we give back by taking care of her. This strengthens our relationship with Gaia and prevents burnout. It’s why I practice wildflower healing.

How can we benefit from traditional earth wisdom? Some specific examples include:

Modern Druid Philip Carr-Gomm explores herbs that restore physical and emotional stamina, especially helpful for activists and changemakers.

James Wanless shows how he became unstoppable by connecting with The Green Man spirit through tarot and wilderness experiences.

Chara Armon teaches how to heal nature by healing ourselves.

And tomorrow, the Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit, a free series of webinars by native elders begins.

These are exciting times! As Chara Armon asks:

“How would you feel if you believed that we’re on the growing edge of a world-wide movement to heal the human relationship to the Earth?”

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