Bringing the Light into the Dark of Winter

Polaris/Unity and Orion/Osiris reversed

Polaris/Unity and Orion/Osiris reversed

The winter solstice ushers in longer days. It also brings creative intentions that I want to manifest over the following year. I love this short (2 card) layout that James Wells created for his Circle Ways blog. It’s perfect for early winter when our plans are just beginning to take shape. In winter, the nights are still long and starlight is one of the most powerful energies in nature. Since I’m creating an oracle deck based on star wisdom, I chose it for this reading.

What light is coming into my life since the Solstice? Polaris/Unity

Polaris is the North Star, the guiding light for travelers and wanderers. This star helps to unify a person’s life or brings people together. I’ve begun bringing a new type of healing work into my practice since the solstice. I’m also working on a new version of this card so I feel fortunate to have drawn it for this position.

How can I begin to express this light? Orion/Osiris reversed

I read a reversed card as a private or personal process that may (or may not) be shared with others in the future. Both Orion and Osiris are mythological figures associated with rebirth and masculine structures like kingship. The focus is on making things work. This is a time when I’m learning more about the new healing work and beginning to remake this card. Last weekend, I completed a Photoshop sketch I’ll be using to plan my design.

Polaris photoshop "sketch"

Polaris photoshop “sketch”

What light are you bringing into this new year?

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