Meeting the Spirits with Tarot: Lowerworld Journey Layout

Gaian Tarot: The Moon

Gaian Tarot: The Moon

This tarot layout is inspired by one of the divinations performed by shamans, the lowerworld journey. During a journey, the shaman begins with a question or intent, journeys through a tunnel into the lowerworld, and travels with a power animal or other spirit allies to retrieve helpful information. This layout can be used with tarot or oracle cards. You may want to try it with a deck you are getting to know. I chose the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

lowerworld layout copy

1. Flip through a tarot or oracle deck, cards face up. Select two cards that illustrate your intent for this journey. These cards represent your question and guard the tunnel entrance.

  1. Turn the cards face down and shuffle. Select a third card to represent a spirit ally that will guide you in your journey.
  1. Pull three (4,5,6) more cards. These represent energies that you need to bring into your life. You may choose to meditate or journal with one of these cards.

What is my intent for this journey? Explorer of Fire and The Magician

The Explorer looks like she is dancing to the rhythm of the Magician’s drum. I want to learn how to explore this deck and bring the world of my dreams and daily life together.

The Way There (The tunnel) Two of Water

I will connect with this deck through my heart, by paying attention to what I love and what resonates with me.

The Lowerworld Two of Fire, The Star, The Moon

This deck will help me take on a new creative challenge and allow me to be inspired. (Starlight is a very inspiring nature energy that I connect with often). My dreams will guide me through this. I often choose one or two of the “lowerworld” cards to explore through dreams. More about that soon.

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One Response to Meeting the Spirits with Tarot: Lowerworld Journey Layout

  1. John Connelly says:

    Love the lower world component! I am going to try this layout!

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