The Lovers: A Reading for Inner Harmony

Aquarian Tarot: The Lovers

Aquarian Tarot: The Lovers

This Valentine’s Day post is not about romance – or Valentine’s Day. Although I’m incredibly lucky to live with my wonderful partner and best friend, I have never liked Valentine’s Day and its exclusive focus on couples.

In the last few years, I have discovered a new way to look at this holiday: it’s a celebration devoted to opening my heart. Like The Lovers card above, it as much about inner harmony and embracing my deepest heart’s desires as it is about celebrating a soul mate relationship. Communicating with myself is one of the most important parts of maintaining this relationship. And tarot is a fantastic way to encourage this dialogue with myself. I like to record the following tarot practice in my journal.

If you have a tarot deck, or any deck with a card that depicts two people, pull The Lovers card (or the card with two people). Choose one person to represent your feelings or wishes (I call this the “inner feminine”). The other person will represent your ability to act on those wishes (some call this the “inner masculine”).

Think about an area of your life. Look at The Lovers or your chosen card. Which figure catches your eye? Do you see the “wishes/feelings” symbol or the “action” symbol? The figure you choose represents the self-part that needs to talk. Usually, this self-part has been neglected.

Place the card back into the deck and shuffle. Then flip through the cards until you reach The Lovers again (or your chosen oracle card). Draw the next card. This card is a message from the self-part.

In my case, when I pull The Lovers card, I notice the female figure first. She has a message for me about my feelings or wishes. So I re-shuffle the deck and flip over cards until I reach The Lovers again. The next card is the Eight of Cups reversed.

Aquarian Tarot: 8 of Cups

Aquarian Tarot: 8 of Cups

I read a reversed Cup card as private (or not ready to go public) emotional or intuitive experience. Eights indicate that I may be ready to commit after a period of exploration. Those overturned cups remind me not to get caught up in emotion and “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. And I notice how the moon is the foundation of the image, supporting the entire scene.

My inner feminine wants me to know that it’s time to focus and not be distracted by emotions. I don’t want to miss a subtle, significant message coming from my intuition or dreams.






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