Balanced Light of the Sun: Equinox Three Worlds Shuffling for Tarot

4 of Cups: Xultun Tarot

4 of Cups: Xultun Tarot

I have admired shamanic traditions from the Americas for many years, Maya and Andean mysticism. Shamanic cultures believe there are three worlds. The lower world is associated with inherited family patterns, the unconscious, healing animal and plant spirits. The middle world describes our conscious mind, ordinary reality and our relationship to this beautiful world. The upper world represents a shamanic realm of celestial spirits including star energies as well as the higher self.

The Maya believe the equinox sun radiates balanced light to the four directions. This balanced energy offers an opportunity to integrate the three worlds. I use this tarot practice inspired by James Wells.

Cut the deck into three piles. Shuffle the first pile of cards while asking for insight into the unconscious. Then add the next pile of cards by shuffling with the first. I ask to become aware of my relationship to the world or my unconscious. Then add the remaining cards and continue shuffling. I asked the shuffled cards to reveal my message for the Spring Equinox. The top card represents the action to take. A card from the bottom of the deck symbolizes an unconscious block.

Action to Take: 4 of Cups

This is a card about taking steps to create good relationships and to balance my emotions. Tomorrow just happens to be 4 (Kan) Cauac in the Mayan Sacred Calendar (Tzolk’in). Kan represents the four directions, the equinoxes and solstices. I’m happy that I will be celebrating the balanced energies of the Spring Equinox with friends. This is a chance to allow the spiritual traditions, symbolized by the “hand” glyph (the daysign Manik) on the right of the card.

Xultun Tarot: The Lovers

Xultun Tarot: The Lovers

Block: The Lovers

The Lovers carry a clouded mirror that almost reflects their images, but is distorted. This feels like a literal representation of relationships as mirrors. I want to clearly see that mirror by feeling deeply, letting the wonderful experience of friends and ceremony align me with the beginning of spring.

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  1. John Connelly says:

    Thanks for the e-mail! Great interpretation! Keep up the good work!

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