Flower Reading and Healing: Getting Started

Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida

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Sometime today, take a walk outdoors.

Find a flower that appeals to you.

Ask to connect to its healing spirit.

Weeds or native wildflowers are also wonderful healing spirits! Many herbalists believe that native wildflowers are much more powerful than cultivated ones.

When you find your flower, notice if you:

See it or even see its aura
Hear it (sometimes flowers talk)
Feel it or just stop walking in front of your flower.
Or an animal might show you the flower!

These clues will help you understand how plants communicate with you.

Flowers also communicate through color. There is an interesting similarity between the colors of the rainbow and flower symbolism, including Victorian Flower Language. There will be more information about color symbolism in the next email, but here are some examples:

Color Symbol                      Flower Essence               Victorian Flower Language

Red= vitality, passion            Rose =love                        Rose- passion, physical needs

Yellow= success                   Sunflower=confidence        Sunflower- dazzling

Blue-violet= dreams               Vervain=stress                  Vervain-enchantment

White-purpose                       Lily=integrated ideals          Lily-purity

Hint: if you only know a flower’s color symbolism, flower language meaning, or essence use, you have insight into the other two categories!

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