Following My Earth Dharma

A card from my Nature Energy Deck

A card from my Nature Energy Deck

This simple card layout is one of my favorite ways to receive energetic support and nurturing from the earth. I draw one tarot and one oracle card to help me explore this connection.

I drew these two cards a few months ago, one from the Quantum Tarot and the other from a nature energy oracle deck.

Which nature energy wants to connect with me?
Mockingbird singing in a Slash Pine (Nature Energy Deck)

The first card is from a deck that I use for nature divination. I had recently begun grounding with trees again. When I drew this card, I was intrigued by the bird as it refers to songbird divination, something I had not tried recently.

Which area of my life will nature assist me with?

7 of Pentacles from the Quantum Tarot 2.0

7 of Pentacles from the Quantum Tarot 2.0

7 of Pentacles (Quantum Tarot 2.0)

I immediately thought of ways to improve my health or connection to nature.

Living the reading

Part of this reading involved living the energies by noticing how they help to create change. I worked with the tree by putting my back against it. As I did this, I began to note the tree was assisting me in balancing my energy. Sometimes I needed to focus on my feet, opening up my energy centers to grounding. Other times, I could barely feel the sun or wind on my hair because I was so concerned with practical matters. As soon as I received this awareness, I often experienced shifts in my chakras like my heart or solar plexus. Other people who have tried this experience similar shifts, often creating healing. This type of cooperation with a tree is a little like “earthing”.

I also began to receive synchronistic messages from the water birds at a bayou nearby. They would cross my path when I asked if this was a time to delve more deeply into my shamanic studies. For months I had been receiving messages from the cards that I needed to learn more about sound in healing work. I had been working with my rattle every day. After doing this reading, I also started whistling with my rattle. Over time, the whistling became a little song. One day, when I was feeling low-energy, I whistled the little healing song while walking in some woods with my partner. I immediately felt an improvement in my energy level. At that moment,I heard the birds singing – making whistling sounds. My partner even noticed that the healing song sounded like the birds.

This is a little taste of how tarot and oracle cards can encourage better rapport with nature- and create a healthier life.

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