Looking Twice


When receiving a tarot reading, my favorite moment occurs when the reader asks me a question or reveals a message that I did not see coming. It’s a delightful shock that often changes my point of view. I love to read tarot for myself but missed those experiences that another reader can offer. So I’ve gathered a few tricks I like to use to challenge myself when I read solo. One of my favorite tricks is looking twice. The following is from my journal and uses the Thoth Tarot:

8 of Wands/Swiftness

This first look often represents situations, emotions and actions that I am aware of.

My first glance falls on the pattern of lines radiating from the center, as well as the astrological glyphs for Mercury in Sagitarius. The eight lines remind me of the equinoxes, solstices, and their midpoints: the wheel of the year. I think of my goal to bring together the different areas of my work. I feel like I am being pulled in many directions. How can I find a theme for this year, a synthesis? Which role should I focus on?

The second look represents something that exists at the edges of my awareness or that I’m unaware of.

I look back at the cards. This time I am searching for an image or symbol that I have not seen the first time. I notice the diamond shape in the center with its tones of yellow, green and blue. Above the diamond is a rainbow and its colors are reflected within the diamond crystal. I ask myself what it reminds me of.

Crystals and rainbows remind me of healing. I realize what brings my work together: it’s my role as a healer.

Of course, this flash of insight and understanding is the life experience associated with this card. Fortunately, it can easily happen with any other card.

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One Response to Looking Twice

  1. John Connelly says:

    This is a really cool way to “be outside yourself” during a self-read. Great idea!

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