Manifesting With Star Energies: Sirius

Sirian Starseed Tarot: The Star

Sirian Starseed Tarot:
The Star

It’s autumn in the northern hemisphere and it’s cooler, even in Florida. Autumn nights are windy and cool, but the wind clears away dust and humidity to reveal stars sparkling against a clear sky. It’s actually a great time for stargazing and connecting with star energies.

One of the easiest stars to see is blue-white Sirius. It’s beautiful and it’s the brightest star in the night sky. Many cultures associate it with blessings. For New Agers. it represents the collective wisdom of humanity. Renaissance European magicians worked with it to restore relationships. Egyptians remembered the goddess Isis when they saw Sirius and based their ritual calendar on its rise, accompanied by the annual Nile flooding.

How Sirius helps you manifest

Sirius (from my star oracle)

Sirius (from my star oracle)

This star has been associated with physical or emotional healing, based on wisdom and experience. In its most exalted form, Sirius represents healing knowledge that you pass onto others because you know it has worked for you. Sanaya Roman says it represents divine love.

“You can work with the Sirius energy to stay clear and balanced, to have an open heart, to free yourself from negative energies, and to be magnetic to all you need to fulfill your purpose.”- Sanaya Roman.

Working with star energies

An easy way to work with Sirius is to find it in the night sky near the constellation Orion. Look at it and imagine an electric blue light from this star flowing into the top of your head. Or try aligning with star energy with this visualization by Sanaya Roman.



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