Sacred Sites and Power Spots

Sacred Sites Tarot: Teotihuacan/The Sun

Sacred Sites Tarot: Teotihuacan/The Sun

Often in nature, there are places that are particularly powerful for each of us. They seem to contain the energies that we need to feel our best. They also amplify our abilities to connect with our intuition. These places may be unique to an individual or profoundly helpful to many people. A power spot is usually one that is empowering for an individual. The energies are safe and helpful. There’s probably a place that you are already aware of. You may find this place empowering and relaxing. It may seem especially beautiful to you. You might notice that you’re more relaxed, peaceful and intuitive after visiting it. You may have an easier time remembering your dreams also. In this section, I will be concentrating on identify and working with your individual power spot.

A sacred site is a natural or manmade place that is very powerful. It has been honored and worked with for generations. These places are a collaboration between human intent and the natural forces of energy of that place. Holy mountains, rivers, stone circles and many temples are examples of this type of place. It is often recommended that you visit these places after some type of spiritual preparation. This is more than an act of good etiquette. These places have powerful and accelerating energy. There are places where the veils between the worlds are very thin. If you can, it is the best possible idea to visit these with a spiritual guide who understands the tradition. Sacred sites are beautiful and valuable for humanity and the earth. They almost always grant a blessing to the pilgrim who visits them.

Sacred Sites Tarot: Lascaux/7 of Earth

Sacred Sites Tarot: Lascaux/7 of Earth

How to locate a power spot

Your inner senses will help you to identify one of these places, if you don’t already have one.

You feel relaxed, or feel better physically and emotionally after being there. Your dreams are more intense and meaningful after you visit this place. Your intuitive abilities improve after visiting this place.

Hudson Bayou: Sarasota, Florida

Hudson Bayou: Sarasota, Florida

Working with a power spot

This is a wonderful place to create sacred space. When you first start to work with your power spot, you may want to just stay there and meditate. This allows you to receive the healing energies of this place. It is always helpful to bring an offering to leave at this place.

Also, you will begin to receive information about the qualities of this power spot. What are its gifts?

A power spot is a wonderful place to bring your divination tools to be blessed. It can also be a great place to begin your energy exercises. If it is outdoors, it is helpful to leave a small offering when you begin working with this place. It does not have to be elaborate. If you carry bottled water, pour a tiny bit on the ground.






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