Collective dreaming with the chakra cards and tarot

Sacred Sites Tarot: The World/Shamballah

Sacred Sites Tarot:
The World/Shamballah

A few years ago, I created a chakra card deck. I wanted to integrate New Age, Eastern, and shamanic philosophy into it. The deck covers ten chakras (three are outside of the body) and is divided into: psychic gifts, balanced, imbalanced, and the evolved energies of the chakras after the 2012 shift.

The 2012 shift chakra deck is especially interesting as it travels through the chakras. One of my favorite cards is from the 2012 heart chakra deck: collective dreaming. Collective Dreaming is a shamanic practice from Peru and other shamanic cultures. A group of shamans will intend to dream the same dream in order to create an effective ceremony. This practice is not limited to shamans and medicine people. Friends, lovers, and family members often meet during dreamtime and share information or experiences.

But collective dreaming occurs during waking life also. A community or group may come together to visualize a better world. This form of sharing our fears and dreams can be very powerful.

I like to think of this as an evolved energy of the heart chakra and something that is becoming more popular. When people come together to share their dreams for the future, many common threads emerge and these threads become maps for action.


Dreaming with the Tarot

If you own a tarot deck, look through your cards face-up and select one that represents an evolved, new world. Or meditate on the tarot card above. Imagine you are joining with like-minded people and all living beings.

What is your dream of a better world?


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