Star Healing Cards: Southern Cross

The Star Healing Cards began as a series of dreams about stars. As I began to dream about the same stars and constellations consistently, I became aware that stars had special energies that help to transform humanity. I began to receive symbolic and divinatory meanings.

Star Healing Cards: Southern Cross

Star Healing Cards: Southern Cross

I became interested in traditional star lore from other cultures. I particularly focused on Central and South America.   At the same time, I became aware of the Starlight Elixirs, created by Pegasus Products. This form of bottled starlight was very healing. I combined these interpretations into a small set of cards. I began to relate eight individual stars, constellations, and galaxies to a process of the soul’s development. I used these cards when I first started working with the Crystal Allies.

All of the Star Healing Cards are karmic cards. When you pull one of these cards, you are working with a problem that is both a part of your everyday life and exists outside of time. This is a journey from the southern to the northern hemisphere. The Southern Cross is the first step in this process.

The Southern Cross is associated with the southern hemisphere. It is a circumpolar constellation, located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. There is interesting Indian, Maya, Maori, and Andean symbolism associated with this group of stars.

These stars represent rebirth and the beginning of a spiritual journey. The Andean mystics see it as an entrance to the lower world. This is a place of healing, associated with the dark-cloud constellation called the Serpent. Dark-cloud constellations are regions of stellar dust that form black silhouettes against the Milky Way. The Zulus believe the Southern Cross represents the Tree of Life. The Lacandon Maya also believe this and associate it with the sacred Ceiba tree. The Maori describe it as an anchor for the Milky Way “canoe”. In Indian astrology it is associated with the myth of a king who exists between heaven and earth.

On the spiritual level, this Star Healing Card represents soul retrieval. You are ready to transform fragmented, disowned parts of yourself into an integrated whole. You will rediscover the Earth as your mother, and renew your connection to all life. The Southern Cross represents renewal of life force and a new beginning in a completely different form.

Great emotional healing that restructures your entire world view is indicated with this card.

On the physical level, Southern Cross helps with immune problems.


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