Manifesting with Star Energies: Pleiades



As the winter solstice approaches, the stars in the northern hemisphere night sky are easier to see. The air is clear, allowing skywatchers to view Orion the Hunter chasing Taurus. If you look beyond Aldebaran, the bright orange star in the bull’s “eye”, you’ll see a dim cloud of stars higher in the sky. That cloud is the star cluster nicknamed “The Seven Sisters” or the Pleiades.

The Pleiades are associated with planting or harvesting in many cultures. The Andean peoples call them qullqa or granary. Sanaya Roman describes their energy as “creative intelligence”.

Sirius helps a person release blocks to manifestation. The Pleiades helps them to create the form so that their dream can take shape. Sometimes this involves creating something new to match their vision. The person may need to learn new skills or experiment. Many changemakers or creative people are familiar with this process.

If you are a stargazer, try looking for a few seconds at the Pleiades while thinking about a project you are working on. Or imagine blue light connecting the star cluster to the crown of your head. You may be inspired!

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