Dreamwork with Tarot-infused Crystals


Wildwood Tarot: The Hermit

Wildwood Tarot: The Hermit

The time between Winter Solstice and Christmas (when the sun is “reborn”) is perfect for dreaming and visioning. Dreaming with crystals is an ancient and effective practice. The Mayan healer Don Eligio Panti’ used a clear marble sastun (“stone of light”). The Andean paqo Don Manuel Quispe used an amethyst to record his dreams. I dream with tarot-infused crystals. This approach is inspired by a technique in the “Healing” chapter of Tarot For Yourself by Mary Greer.

  1. Choose a quartz crystal. This stone is devoted solely to tarot dreamwork.
  2. Select a card from a deck you would like to understand better.
  3. Lay the crystal on the card and look at the image.
  4. Now pick up the crystal and blow the image of the card into the stone along with your question (or you can ask how the card is showing up in your life)
  5. Place the crystal under your pillow.
  6. When you wake up, blow your dream (even if you only remember one thing or a feeling) into the stone. Place the crystal in sunlight to recharge.
  7. If you want, write down what you learn or you can hold the stone and it will remind you of your dream.
  8. Keep working with the same card or choose a new one.


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2 Responses to Dreamwork with Tarot-infused Crystals

  1. Happy dreaming to you and happy holidays!

  2. I love this post and retweeted it. I especially loved learning about don Manuel and Don Eligio and their using crystals for recording dreams. So much to learn from you!

    Kirsten Lovett kirstenlovett@gmail.com


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