Moving from Shadow to Strength

Tarot of the Crone: The Star

Tarot of the Crone: The Star

What is the benefit of multi-session work with Evolutionary Tarot clients? It encourages deeper exploration of goals or issues, and the opportunity to reflect over a period of weeks (or months). I love to work with repeat clients. Multiple sessions of Evolutionary Tarot and Soul Dowsing allow the subconscious to reveal treasures that might not emerge during an individual reading.

This format is especially helpful to people experiencing creative blocks. A recent client wanted to reclaim his artistic inspiration. He felt disconnected from the powerful creative connection he had once enjoyed. We arranged three sessions over a 30 day period to explore this issue.

I used the Shadow to Strength layout for his initial tarot consultation. As we discussed the three cards, he became aware of his earlier artistic experiences and how his work was received by others. This connected him with the memory of having a creative vision, but he doubted his technical gifts.

We worked with Soul Dowsing for his next session. Soul Dowsing allows a person to get a clearer sense of his or her inner life. The cards reveal the different voices inside a person that want to be heard and respected. He remembered being inspired by watching a parent work on a craft project, although my client was not encouraged to to pursue art.

He brought a photograph of a mosaic he had made as a young man to the follow-up tarot session. He became aware of the unique technical abilities he was born with. He felt he could begin to build more trust in his process at this point. A week or two later, he realized that his parent had this same artistic talent that he had become aware of during the session.

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