Mini-layouts: If you don’t have time for the Celtic Cross

Turquoise/Smokey Quartz: Crystal Ally Cards

Turquoise/Smokey Quartz: Crystal Ally Cards

Sometimes I pick up a tarot or oracle deck and I want a quick answer to a complex situation. I don’t always want to lay out 5 or 7 cards to map out every possible nuance of a problem. This is why I rarely use the Celtic Cross. And why I love 2-card and 3-card layouts.

A few months ago, I experienced a creative block. I wanted to write an article – and had gathered a lot of information. I had even written a few short paragraphs. But I still had no idea how to put it all together. There was no underlying organization. I didn’t even know where to start.

So I turned to the Crystal Ally Cards and a simple 2-card layout:

Action I should take: Turquoise/Wholeness

Turquoise is a storm element stone. Storm is the element that includes earth, water, wind, and fire; it indicates an evolutionary leap is needed. Turquoise is also a stone that connects all of the chakras, but focuses on the throat chakra. The crystal author and healer Melody calls it a “master healer”. The card features a blue-green stone with small black lines etched onto its surface, surrounded by a healing rainbow snake.

Outcome: Smokey Quartz/Grounding

Smokey Quartz is an earth element stone/card. It helps people to focus on the practical side of life and prioritize. This crystal connects people to their root chakras, as well as the Earthstar energy centers that lie below their feet. No wonder the card is called “Grounding”.

A combination of storm and earth element cards told me that something in my practical life (work, health, results) was evolving. Together, the two cards indicated a need to write down or speak aloud the different parts of the article. This action would create structure and organization.

I tried it. After I discussed my article ideas with my partner, the outline just popped into my head. I wrote the article. Now, if I get stuck, I’ve learned to draw a card or two.




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