Manifesting with Star Energies: Ursa Major

Ursa Major

Ursa Major

Winter is a time when the earth seems to sleep, dreaming of new growth in the spring. We slow down, spend more time indoors, and begin taking our first steps towards creating our goals for the year. Many spiritual teachers advise us to take the time to tune in and (as Christina Pratt suggests) “renew your dream”.

Stars, earth and wind are some of the powerful nature energies that I source from during this time. Stars seem especially bright in the winter night sky. Since I love star lore, I was thrilled to discover Ursa Major and its connection to soul purpose. It makes sense; this constellation is a pointer to the North Star.

Ursa Major (or the Great Bear) can be seen year-round in the northern hemisphere. Like bears in hibernation, this constellation becomes more visible after the vernal equinox. It is a powerful symbol for many cultures, even representing Seven Sages Sages who guide mankind. And several galaxies are located in this part of the sky.

So let the stars that guided Paleolithic hunters lead you towards a more fulfilling life.

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