Welcoming Brigid

Brigid: Dark Goddess Tarot

Brigid: Dark Goddess Tarot

Bride (Brìghde) or Brigid is a Celtic goddess of creativity, healing, and poetry. Imbolc is her holiday, falling on the first day of February. In Scotland, people lit candles in her honour and visited holy wells on her feast day. This combination of fire and water is an intriguing aspect of the goddess, depicted above as “Temperance” in the Dark Goddess Tarot. Imbolc reminds me to take my first steps to manifest the “seed” I received at the Winter Solstice.

Brìghde is a goddess who can bestow healing wisdom and inspired action. In the days leading up to Imbolc, I use this layout and candle divination to cultivate both qualities. For me, the combination of candlelight and a cup of dried blueberry and elderberry tea represent both energies associated with Brigid.

Imbolc layout

Imbolc layout

You will need a tarot or oracle deck, candle, and (optional) a great cup of herbal tea. Center and ground yourself in your favorite way.

  1. Light a candle. You can “make the fire friendly” by offering a tiny piece of sage to burn in the candle flame. I like to flick a drop of tea on the floor to thank the earth.
  2. Turn your deck of cards face-up. Draw one card to represent healing and another that represents inspired action.
  3. Look at your healing card. Breathe into your left side and pay attention to how receptive you are to healing.
  4. Look at your card of inspired action. Breathe into your right side and notice if you feel blocked or ready to act.
  5. Turn the cards face-down. Shuffle and ask for a card that will balance or bring the two together. Select a card and meditate with it for a few moments. Check in with your body. Do your left and right sides feel connected?
  6. Once you feel relaxed, begin asking your questions of the candle flame. You can wait for the flame to increase in a dramatic way, signaling a “yes” answer. Or you can scry into the flame.

I hope your year of creative inspiration begins with Imbolc.

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