Elements in the “Fortune Formula”


Sacred Sites Tarot: King of Swords (Croagh Patrick)

The four elements are so fundamental to daily life. It’s easy to find them within crystals, herbs, even the tarot suits. Earth, water, wind, and fire are some of my favorite nature energies to work with as well. I love to walk outside and ask myself, “which element do I need?”. I immediately sense the sun, wind, ground, or mist in the air (I live in humid Florida!) – and feel which energy I need.

The Fortune Formula by James Wanless

The Fortune Formula by James Wanless

One of my passions is connecting tarot to the creation of a better relationship with the natural world. I’ve been reading the Fortune Formula by James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Tarot. I was thrilled to discover the following questions; they are perfect for a walk outside, time with my journal, or a tarot reading. I decided to ask these questions while walking, trusting my intuition to suggest an appropriate tarot card to match each element. (This Sacred Sites Tarot King of Swords card was one of one of them.)

“What does air and breath say about liberating yourself?

What does fire say about your creative drive?

What does water and ocean say about your emotions and intuition?

What do rocks and minerals say about your wealth, health, and longevity?”

– James Wanless, Fortune Formula

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