Love from the Elements and the Earth

Kunzite and Hiddenite: Crystal Ally Cards

Kunzite and Hiddenite: Crystal Ally Cards

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a holiday that I have mixed feelings about. I have really enjoyed the recent emphasis on celebrating and nurturing my heart, as much as my relationships. Here are some lovely ways to receive love from the elements and the earth:

Fire: I love candles, so why not light them for Valentine’s Day?

Water: add a few drops of Bach Holly Flower Essence to meals or drinks today in order to encourage the ability to give and receive love.

Air: Red roses symbolize love and passion, but their fragrance also connects me with the nurturing energies of the feminine.

Earth: Rose Quartz, Kunzite and Hiddenite are three stones that I carry with me before and during Valentine’s Day. They are wonderful heart healers and remind me to receive.

Storm: Flower reading and healing or The Lovers reading to check in with my feminine and masculine.

Wishing love and harmony to all of you.

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