Harmonizing with the Elements

Sacred Circle Tarot: The Wheel

Sacred Circle Tarot: The Wheel

For centuries, human beings have honored five elements: earth, water, air, fire, and spirit or ether. These elements make up everything that we see, our bodies, and the world outside of us. It is empowering to build a deeper relationship with them.

This practice of energetically connecting with the elements, and monitoring their balance within your body, is extremely helpful. It makes it easier to perceive these spiritual energies and work with them  for divination or healing work.

You can do this while walking or standing outdoors. Center and ground yourself in your favorite way.

  1. Ask the elements, “Which element do I need?“
  2. Your eyes may be drawn to leaves moving in the wind, a sprinkler or puddle somewhere, a shaft of sunlight, or patch of soil.
  3. The element that you need is often the opposite of the issue that is throwing you out of balance.

Balancing Your Life with the Elements

If you are too earthy, you’re too interested in the practical aspects of life and worried about the mundane. You need the freedom and spiritual connection of wind or the ability to “see the big picture”.

Too airy or connected to the wind element, you need to pay attention to your body, resources, and physical environment. Earth will ground you and help you pay attention to structure and details.

If you’re too watery, your emotions are draining you. Fire will give you confidence and help you to take action.

If fire is running wild, you’re too energetic and pushing yourself too hard. This can lead to frustration or conflicts with people in your life. Water brings peace, connection with feelings, and healing.


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