Why The Earth Needs Your Gifts

Greenwood Tarot: The Storyteller

Greenwood Tarot: The Storyteller

Peruvian spiritual teachers say that people who are creative in their work imitate Pachamama, who is always creative. Indigenous peoples believe that all people are connected like the strands of a spider’s web. Every person has gifts that ask to be identified, developed, and given back to the community. By sharing these gifts in a healthy and respectful way, the web becomes stronger.

It would be wonderful if these gifts revealed themselves effortlessly to each of us, but it’s not that easy. Young people in traditional societies may spend time alone in a remote natural setting, or consult a dream expert, before discovering their unique path. Western society teaches us to ignore these traditions, so our individual journeys can be even more challenging. It’s easier for us to get stuck. But here are a few simple ways to reclaim your power.

Getting Unstuck

Trust that your gifts are badly needed. This requires some faith in indigenous wisdom teachings, but you are the only person who can create your strand in the web of life.

It’s okay to change directions. Your gifts are strong enough to be flexible, as long as you don’t abandon what truly matters to you.

The earth is a powerful ally. There are often places in nature that help each of us to feel our best. Try visiting one to renew your dream.

You’re doing this for your ancestors – who couldn’t. The people who came before us achieved great things, but they had regrets and wounds as well. Sometimes it is good to identify the differences between their life patterns and yours.

It’s okay to ask for help. There are so many effective tools available right now. I love Evolutionary Tarot and Soul Dowsing because respect for each person’s inner wisdom is built into the process. We work together to bring that wisdom into conscious awareness.

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