Remembering Our Mother’s Mothers

Greenwood Tarot: 10 of Arrows

Greenwood Tarot: 10 of Arrows

(this is a reprint from my Beltane newsletter).

Matrilineal Bloodline Journey

Every person on Earth has indigenous ancestral helping spirits. These ancient ancestors want to help us remember our connection to the earth. They are luminous beings who often appear in dreams or meditations, perhaps taking the form of a symbol or dressed in the clothing of their times. The ancient indigenous ancestors are relatively easy to reach out to, yet it is helpful to also explore the bloodlines that connect them to us. Ancestors sometimes lived in troubled times and may need healing, so try this meditation with a lineage that feels relatively calm. Shamanic ancestral healers like Christina Pratt and Daniel Foor make a distinction between healthy ancestors and “ghosts”. The ghosts are the ancestors with unresolved issues who pass along unhealthy patterns to their descendants.

You may wish to journey into the bodies of your ancestors first. This is a simple journey (or guided meditation) created by Frank McEowen, practitioner of Celtic Shamanism. I have been using this practice to help myself and others explore the matrilineal ancestral lineage. This lineage carries our mitochondrial DNA. The steps are simple. I have created these instructions as if you were exploring your mtDNA. However, it can be used with any of your ancestral lineages. You may want to smudge yourself and light a candle before beginning.

1. Create sacred space.
2. Ground and center yourself.
3. Call on your helping or guardian spirits or spirit teachers.
4. If you practice shamanic journeying, and it feels appropriate, go to the World Tree. Your spirits will guide you.
5. With your guide, see your most recently departed ancestor on a bloodline that you want to explore. If you wish to explore your matrilineal ancestors, it will be your mother, your mother’s mother, or your mother’s mother’s mother.
6. Step into her body. See through her eyes.
7. Now ask to move to her mother’s body. Once again, step into her body. See through her eyes.
8. Continue to do this until you wish to return.
9. Now come back through the female descendants until you reach the most recently deceased relative on that bloodline.
10. Be with your spirit teacher or guardian spirit and receive their blessing. Now thank your ancestors and return.
11. Open your eyes and close sacred space.

If you find this practice to be helpful, I’ll be including an article about journeying to and working with ancient indigenous ancestors in the next newsletter. Remember to journey to bloodlines with more resolved energies. And it is relatively easy to contact your luminous ancestors by calling to them.  Feel free to contact me with any questions here.

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