2017 World Tarot Year Card: Wheel of Fortune

I like to use Tarot World Year Cards when planning anything that involves large groups of people or society as a whole. These cards describe what we will all be experiencing and needing in our lives to grow and develop. 2+0+1+7=10, and the tenth Major Arcana card is the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is associated with luck, big changes, karmic patterns and the growing season.

We’ve just ended a Hermit year, a year of endings and completions. We’ve watched the power of people who “walk their talk” at places like Standing Rock. Now we are going into a new cycle together and big changes are possible. It’s helpful to keep some ideas in mind during a Fortune year:

Bliss is at the center of the Wheel. Joseph Campbell discussed the ancient symbol of Fortuna’s wheel during The Power of Myth. He described the ups and downs we all experience with the Wheel of Fortune. Then he added that bliss was at the wheel’s center. If you follow your bliss, you’ll always be at that center.

The Wheel of Fortune is associated with entrepreneurs. Whether you work for yourself or someone else. be open to opportunities. The Wheel of Fortune creates change and these changes create new ways for all of us to share our gifts. This can be personally and financially rewarding.

Harmonizing with natural cycles helps to ground us during times of change. Big changes are coming this year. This is both exciting and destabilizing. Each season is ruled by one of the elements and we are in the earth element this winter. Earthing, exercises that unite body and spirit, nourishing foods, and introspection can help us to nurture the visions we have received this solstice. Even if you think you did not receive an insight or vision seed for the year, people tend to be reflective at this time of year and your vision for the year is developing. Working with moon cycles, the Mayan Calendar, or the Celtic festivals can help you plan and direct this energy to create results that harmonize with the natural world.

Sacred Circle Tarot: The Wheel

Sacred Circle Tarot: The Wheel

Happy New Year!

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