Divining her creative fire: Imbolc Candle Divination


Mythical Goddess Tarot: Brigid

Bride (or Brigid as she is more commonly known) is a deity who was revered by my Scottish ancestors for centuries, first as a goddess then as a saint. Healing, creativity, and divination are her gifts. She is associated with fire and also with the water of holy wells. Her festival of Imbolc is today. It’s a great time of year for fire divination with candles.

I once dreamed about Bride and Imbolc. People were placing candles in the hollows of trees and in holes in the ground. The warmth of the fire brought light and healing into the cold ground.

This time of year is associated with preparing the ground for planting in spring. It’s also the beginning of the creative year.

What do you want to create? There is a fire inside that wishes to be expressed in some way this year. I use the following candle divination to help the process flow more easily.

Asking yes or no questions from candle flames or fire

Usually it is very important to attune to the fire before asking questions of it. Fire is the element of quick transformation and it needs to be attuned to. If there’s a spirit or deity you associate with fire, a quick prayer or invocation is often very centering.

It is also helpful to leave a small offering for the fire, such as a stick or drop of oil or small piece of sage if it is a candle.

At some point, you begin to communicate with the fire as a living being. Then it is time to begin your divination work.

The simplest yes or no divination is to center yourself, ask your question, and wait for the flames to either rise up suddenly or drop. If the flames stay the same, you will have to ask another time.

Interpreting the fire

It is also good to watch how the fire burns. If the candle or fire burns cleanly, that is a good sign. There’s a lot of smoke, or if there are interruptions in the burning, this can be a sign of blockages. This can be applied to any fire divination technique that you use.

Imbolc blessings!

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