Dreaming An Animal Spirit Teacher


Wild Unknown Tarot: Temperance

Dreams that introduce you to nature energies are very special.  Sometimes there is a natural energy that is wanting to work with you but you’re not aware of it.  Dreams are a wonderful way to experience this.  It is especially powerful if there is synchronicity between your dreams and waking life.

You may receive frequent messages in the form of symbols, animal teachers, or natural forces in dreams.  It is usually helpful to pay attention to elements of nature that you dream about the most.

I was introduced to the white egret spirit this way.  I live in Florida and egrets are very common in my town.  I have also had chronic health problems. At one point in my illness, I had very little hope.  At this time, I began to have beautiful dreams where a brilliant, white egret would appear.  There was something comforting about this nature spirit but I didn’t understand its message.  I knew it was important but did not know how to work with it.  This was in the period before I began to study shamanism with teachers.  I was trying to learn on my own.

I began to notice the egret flying over the car or crossing my path in very important moments.  I would feel comforted but didn’t quite understand its meaning.  Then I received a shamanic soul retrieval as a part of my healing process.  I was given two animal helping spirits.  This soul retrieval was performed by a woman in another city who did not know of my connection with this bird.  One of the helping spirits I received was the egret.  The next day, I discovered its wonderful gift.  I was experiencing some emotional turmoil from the healing and as I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable, a white egret flew in front of me.

I noticed that its gift included helping me feel more peaceful during times of emotional turmoil.  Since then, it is help me many times often and very dramatic and singular ways.  One time, I was very worried about my health.  I had some alarming symptoms and my health practitioners were a little concerned.  I might have a serious problem. I was trying to calm myself down and not become upset.  My intuition was telling me that the situation was going to be fine but my rational mind wouldn’t listen.  As I was returning home from my health appointment, there was a snowy egret standing in our front yard. This had never happened before. The “problem” turned out to be a false alarm.

Another time a local bank “lost” a cash deposit in the ATM. The bank employees were not too helpful. It was a substantial deposit and, once again, the egret appeared. By this time, I was familiar with the process and I really felt it would all work out. The bank later found the deposit.

huacas copy

The egret has also helped me to dream in a new way. After a particularly vivid dream featuring an egret floating over a bayou in the late afternoon sun, I journeyed back into the dream and discovered another gift. Flying with this beautiful bird has helped me to enter the dream state more consciously. 

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2 Responses to Dreaming An Animal Spirit Teacher

  1. John Gossamer says:

    This is heart-breakingly beautiful.

    John Gossamer johngossamer@aol.com

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