Dreaming with the “stone of light”


Mythical Goddess Tarot:Ix Chel/The Moon

In the 1990s, I discovered a wonderful book called Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer.  It was written by Rosita Arvigo, with Nadine Epstein.  It describes Rosita Arvigo’s apprenticeship to a Mayan healer and herbalist named Don Eligio Pantí.  Don Eligio used a special divination crystal called a sastun or “stone of light”.  He received the stone as a gift from his helping spirits after performing a special ritual and prayer. Her book describes his work with the stone of light. She also describes the ritual where she received her own sastun.

After reading about this in a few books about crystals and Mayan spirituality, I decided to try it and discovered my own seeing stone.  The prayer can be used with a special crystal that you prize, hopefully one that you receive as a gift or find in nature.  Any stone can be used, but quartz is especially helpful because it is transparent.  Don Eligio used a child’s marble.  You say the prayer nine times while bathing the crystal in rum while your fingers make sign of the cross on the stone’s surface.  (The cross is the Mayan symbol for the shamanic World Tree.) Then you go to sleep with the crystal near you or beneath your pillow, waiting for a dream that will show you how to use it.

Here is the prayer:


“Sastun, sastun

With your great power I ask that you tell me all I want to know.

Teach me to understand signs

Visit me in all my dreams

Give me the answers that I seek

I have faith that this sastun will answer all my prayers

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, amen”. (Arvigo,p.118)


It helps to cleanse and strengthen your seeing stone on Friday nights with the prayer and rum “bath”.  This process will empower your crystal, even one that is not going to be your seeing stone.  After you receive your seeing stone, use it as you have been instructed in the dream.  My seeing stone revealed itself to be a wonderful dream crystal.


Reading the symbols or using it as a dream crystal

Often a seeing stone will have inclusions that form rainbows or special symbols.  If your seeing stone is opaque, it may have markings or textures that will communicate to you in the dream.  Don Eligio would shake his sastun within his cupped hands as if he was rolling dice.  I liked to roll mine around in a small bowl, while asking my question, and then hold it up to candlelight to interpret the symbols within the stone.

A few months after I received my seeing stone, it helped me in a very important way.  It was another time when I was fairly sick and I was having trouble finding healers or doctors who could help me.  I was even sensitive to energy medicine and had to be very careful about who I worked with.  

I had the chance to work with a pair of shamanic practitioners and was nervous about the outcome.  The seeing stone helped me to know what to expect and gave me a dream to clarify its answer.  I was told to go ahead and receive the healing, even though it would not help all of my conditions.  I receive the healing and immediately noticed an improvement in one of my most challenging health problems.  One of the shamanic healers also became my teacher. My life improved because I had received this healing and worked with this man. This seeing stone became an essential part of my dreaming and shamanic practice.


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