Transforming With Star Energies


Do you feel better when you look at the stars?

In the mid 1990s, I discovered my connection to star energies when I began to follow the Mayan sacred calendar, which has a strong connection to the Pleiades and the planet Venus. I began to dream frequently about Sirius, the Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, and the Milky Way. I experienced a healing where my “homework” involved my partner pouring a bowl of starlight and moonlight infused water over my head each morning. This water helped me in a very profound way.

These experiences intrigued me. I discovered that astrology is not the only type of star wisdom. I began to realize that stars are a very important energy to connect with, a type of spiritual medicine.

Star wisdom has evolved from the time of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, when we used the stars as a type of “clock” that helped us decide when to gather different types of food. In some cultures, like Peru, star divination is done to predict the success of the harvest.

According to Andean mysticism, every person has a special star.  This star guides and energizes a person.  For Westerners, the star may be known through a dream, divination, or it might just be one that you feel very drawn to.  Peruvian healer and cultural anthropologist, Theo Paredes, says that star energies connect a person to the “Cosmic Father”. Joan Wilcox says that the guiding star is a type of spiritual guide.

I have been working with star energies for almost 20 years. On February 15, I am offering a free online introduction to Transforming with Your Guiding Star. It is a half an hour long from 11:30 to noon. Learn to:

  • Become more of your authentic self and help manifest your goals.
  • Discover some traditional views on stellar ancestry
  • Heal and balance your lightbody.
  • Working with stones and crystals to enhance your connection to star energies.
  • Practices to work with stellar energies at different times of day or the month.

Anyone who signs up here will receive a free recorded replay of the event, plus a video with a special Meditation with Your Guiding Star that will empower your chakra system. I look forward to sharing this with you!

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