Messages From Nature: Asking Yes or No


Photo by John Connelly

Resonating with the earth’s energy field.

Modern living does not encourage energetic connection with the natural world. The hectic pace of life makes it easy to feel stressed and alienated from nature.  Some healers, like Barbara Brennan, believe that our auras now often vibrate at a different frequency than the vibration of the earth.

When you sit or stand with your back against a tree, you may begin to feel more relaxed.  Barbara Brennan suggests pine trees because their auras pulse in a similar rhythm to a human energy field. If you are sensitive, you may even feel a shift in your vibration.  You are beginning to attune your aura to the earth’s energy field.

Augury is another way of harmonizing with nature. The intelligence of the earth communicates with all of us.  Synchronicity and omens from nature are a way of tapping into this. Often, taking a few moments to ask questions of the natural world will help you to relax. This becomes a form of centering.  It allows you to become part of nature.

Yes/No questions

This simple approach has helped me many times with very complicated problems.  It helped me a great deal when I was trying to find a place to live during a very challenging time.  The yes or no interaction with the natural world kept me in the moment and gave me step -by -step guidance.  It also helped to ground me when I felt I didn’t have time to use other forms of divination. Each time I practiced it, the inner feeling of knowing corresponding with the synchronistic natural event, made me feel more connected to the healing energies of the earth.  And it gave me excellent guidance.

In the beginning, some people may feel more comfortable asking yes or no questions.

First, center and ground yourself in your favorite way.  Then, while in a meditative state, ask your question. An easy way to do this is to observe a tree branch on a calm day. If a wind moves the tree branch, the answer is yes.

Or observe a calm body of water or a clear sky.  Either one can become a blank canvas for your answer to appear in the form of an unusual event.  If a fish jumps out of the water, that is a “yes” reply. Likewise, if a bird flies across a clear sky or the sun suddenly breaks through cloud cover in a way that is unusual, that is a similar signal.  Of course, you will choose the markers that are meaningful to you.

As you practice this, a  powerful thing will begin to happen.  Your gut feelings, psychic gifts, and the natural world begin to synchronize.  This creates a feeling of spiritual communication between yourself and the earth energies.  This is the truly important aspect of this practice.

If you’re having trouble determining yes or no:

Sometimes it helps to ask the universe for a sign that means “yes” to you.  People who dowse with a pendulum often do this to get started

You may feel blocked or scared and can’t get a clear answer. You may want to take a few moments to attune to nature. Then ask if this is a good time for nature divination. Once you receive your answer, ask your question or wait until you receive a positive answer.

If you enjoy this practice, you are welcome to join us at Shamanic Earth Medicine, a community of of shamanic dreamers, practitioners, changemakers, and earth healers.

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