Animal Messengers

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Animals often bring spiritual gifts that help make our lives better.  I’ve been fortunate enough to receive many messages this way. It’s something that happens to many people and they might not even realize that it’s happening.

This can take the form of the animal crossing your path, hearing about it a lot, or dreaming about it.  Receiving a bird feather by finding one on the ground is also very powerful way of receiving animal messages.  Sometimes the meanings of these encounters are immediately known to you. However, if you’re having trouble seeing, hearing, or feeling the message, here’s a different way to receive it:

Sit comfortably after the animal has left, or during its appearance, and whistle rhythmically between your teeth or rattle if you have one.  Whistling rhythmically between your teeth can be done on the inhale and exhale. This makes it ideal for entering an altered state of consciousness.  Once you have achieved this, clearly remember the animal or tune into the animal’s energy that is still with you. You can ask for its message and receive much clear guidance.  

The other way is to pray for a dream explaining what you have seen, then watch for coincidences during waking life.. Some of these coincidences can be very dramatic and beautiful.  This is what many people call synchronicity. One of my animal guides was a black panther. I was introduced to the spirit during a healing. A few weeks later, I received a wonderful dream about this animal.  It was lying down and rolled over and stretched out its Paul torts me. I felt a strong sense of connection when this happened.

Later, I was visiting a small zoo where there were black panthers.  I clearly thought of that very empowering dream. As I was thinking of it, the black panther laid down, rolled over on its side and stretched out its paw, exactly as it had in the dream.  This reenactment of my dream strengthened my connection to this animal spirit.

Some animals with connections to deities

Some animals have been associated with deities for centuries.  If your spirit is connected to any of these deities, contact with these animal spirits can be a way of receiving communications from the divine.  A common example is the dove as the symbol of God’s love in the Christian and Jewish traditions.

Here are some animals that have been associated with gods or goddess is in many cultures:

Bear – gives courage and is associated with female goddesses, often mother goddesses, particularly in northern latitudes.

Deer –associated with gentleness and the stag is associated with male power in some cultures.  The deer was also associated with Jesus Christ for a while in Europe.

Eagle – associated with the sun gods or with the highest universal spirit.  Brings prayers to the divine.

Rabbit –associated with the Moon, with fertility, cleverness,success.  The hare was associated with the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring.


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