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Pleiadean Star Goddess: Mythical Goddess Tarot

Pleiadean Star Goddess: Mythical Goddess Tarot

In this time of great change, your gifts are badly needed. 


I help healers, visionaries, and changemakers live their dreams. I use a bouquet of tools to help you move forward. I offer distant sessions with the following services by phone, Skype, or Facebook Messenger.

To book a session or inquire about working with me:

Contact me at:

Shamanic Coaching

We are learning to be better relatives, to be in better relationship with all beings.

Shamanic practices allow you to directly connect with the reality of the spirit world and live with joy in this world. Anyone can learn to journey because every human has innate abilities to access the Otherworld. Many people feel called by Gaia to reconnect with the web of life. But our modern way of life does not prepare us to relate to ourselves, each other, or the planet in a healthy way. 

If you’ve recently had a dream or powerful waking experience with nature or ancestral spirits, you may be hearing a calling to this path. Journeying can help you live more in harmony with your soul purpose. It is a practice that can help you integrate and recognize your psychic abilities because these will often show up in dreams or journeys. Shamanic skills can help you manage your energy field even if you are a highly sensitive person. Each session is co-created by our shamanic helping spirits to help you unlock more capabilities within yourself by:

    • Learning to journey and dream for divination, healing, and integration.
    • Working with self parts and integrating returned soul parts.
    • Working with nature spirits to empower sacred activism.

Single shamanic coaching and soul dowsing session:  relating to spirits and working with spirits in a more integrated way. This may include learning skills like journeying, auric field protection, or relationship building with your helping spirits.

Multi-session combination of shamanic coaching and soul dowsing: to break through creative blocks or achieve more reliable contact with your shamanic helping spirits in everyday life. This may include dreamwork if you are interested in a shamanic approach to dreams.

“I feel like I have stayed in contact with my animals. Since the Journey. While you were rattling, (an) animal spirit reassured me that I would stay in touch with it.” -J. (Florida)

Evolutionary Tarot and Soul Dowsing

What is Evolutionary Tarot? Evolutionary Tarot consultations facilitate a dialogue between tarot symbols and your own inner guidance. A tarot session can empower you to take your next step – or shift blocks that prevent you from doing so. During this process, insights emerge as we share our observations, feelings, and questions about the cards. I’ve helped lightworkers and changemakers move forward with:

creative goals, creating a visionary business, better relationships, integrating gifts and life purpose, shamanic or intuitive gifts, and connecting more deeply to the energies in nature and the stars.


Soul Dowsing: Balance your energies to experience a clearer connection with your Higher Self. Soul dowsing helps integrates personality, soul, and higher self. When self-parts feel “heard”, a person stops getting in their own way.

Evolutionary Tarot/Soul Dowsing 120 Minute Session $130

Evolutionary Tarot/Soul Dowsing 60 Minute Session: $70


To book a session or inquire about working with me:

Contact me at:

Skype: merissa.lovett


Copy of Karmic and Ancestral Healing with Bonus Chakra Clearing Session

Shamanic Dreamwork Exploration Reading


While you are the ultimate expert on your own dreams, a dream exploration reading can bring you a lot closer to clarity. Knowing which type of dream you had last night can help to reveal its meaning.

This mini-reading will tell you if your dream is:

  • An invitation to do healing work for yourself or others
  • A message from one of your helping spirits or guides
  • A prediction of a possible future for yourself or someone you love

And your reading will include a chakra card associated with the dream for even deeper insight. I also include a practical action step to see results on the Earth plane and bring the dream’s message into your waking life.

Shamanic Dreamwork Exploration Reading  $15



At Hudson Bayou

Merissa Lovett

I am fascinated by the dialogue between the unseen world and this one. My study of divination has led me to: tarot/oracles, plant wisdom, shamanism, and Soul Dowsing (Logan Integration). Indigenous wisdom informs the core of my life; I have followed the Mayan Calendar for two decades and the Andean path for 18 years.

I am inspired by changemakers and activists and am passionate about sacred sites – as well as learning/working with native plants.



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  1. John L. Connelly says:

    Merissa thank you for your post! Perfect advice for a Summer Solstice Day filled with purpose!

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