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Working With Plant Spirits and Flower Devas

Plants are our elders and their magic is alive at the solstice! The plant kingdom communicates with us throughout the day, through our breath, our senses, and through our spirits. And relating to plant spirits is easy at this time … Continue reading

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Messages From Nature: Asking Yes or No

  Resonating with the earth’s energy field. Modern living does not encourage energetic connection with the natural world. The hectic pace of life makes it easy to feel stressed and alienated from nature.  Some healers, like Barbara Brennan, believe that … Continue reading

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Do you binge eat chocolate? Or call yourself a “chocoholic”? Chocolate dependency can actually become an addiction. One woman, who checked into a food abuse treatment center, claimed that she ate unhealthy amounts of chocolate daily. But what if we … Continue reading

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Many of us see tobacco use as a “nasty habit” or as a harmful addiction. And with good reason. According to the US Government website Tobacco Free, more than 16 million people already have at least one disease from smoking. … Continue reading

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Many of us are. We can become dependent on coffee: need to drink more cups to feel truly awake or feel irritable if we stop drinking it. If you feel, like David Lynch, that even “bad coffee is better than … Continue reading

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Transforming With Star Energies

  Do you feel better when you look at the stars? In the mid 1990s, I discovered my connection to star energies when I began to follow the Mayan sacred calendar, which has a strong connection to the Pleiades and … Continue reading

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2018 is a Justice Year!

  2018 is an “11” year (2+0+1+8=11). And for those of you who read tarot with the Rider Waite Smith deck, the eleventh trump card is Justice. A Justice year is all about maintaining inner balance while being in good … Continue reading

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The Mother Night of Dreams

A few years ago I encountered a wonderful tarot practice called the “Sacred Days of Yule”. It begins on December 20, a night called the “mother night of dreams”. Dreams occurring the night before the solstice were believed to hold … Continue reading

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How To Meet A Plant Spirit

I frequently take walks and sense different wildflowers and wild plants.  These wild plants introduce themselves by a combination of their energy and looks.  I’ll notice how interesting they look or how important they look.  I’ll also sense an energetic … Continue reading

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Synchronicity: the Bridge Between The Worlds

Dreaming, in traditional cultures, is not confined to sleeping. Dreaming exists in waking life in the form of coincidence and synchronicity. It is an important form of divination as well. Dream teacher and healer Robert Moss describes this type of … Continue reading

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