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2018 is a Justice Year!

  2018 is an “11” year (2+0+1+8=11). And for those of you who read tarot with the Rider Waite Smith deck, the eleventh trump card is Justice. A Justice year is all about maintaining inner balance while being in good … Continue reading

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The Mother Night of Dreams

A few years ago I encountered a wonderful tarot practice called the “Sacred Days of Yule”. It begins on December 20, a night called the “mother night of dreams”. Dreams occurring the night before the solstice were believed to hold … Continue reading

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2017 World Tarot Year Card: Wheel of Fortune

I like to use Tarot World Year Cards when planning anything that involves large groups of people or society as a whole. These cards describe what we will all be experiencing and needing in our lives to grow and develop. … Continue reading

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Tarot Layout for Activists and Changemakers

    1. Which movement or vision of collective change do I resonate with? 2. How does this movement mirror a need for change within myself? 3. What action am I inspired to take? 4. What is the benefit of my … Continue reading

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Why The Earth Needs Your Gifts

Peruvian spiritual teachers say that people who are creative in their work imitate Pachamama, who is always creative. Indigenous peoples believe that all people are connected like the strands of a spider’s web. Every person has gifts that ask to … Continue reading

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Love from the Elements and the Earth

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a holiday that I have mixed feelings about. I have really enjoyed the recent emphasis on celebrating and nurturing my heart, as much as my relationships. Here are some lovely ways to receive love from the … Continue reading

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Elements in the “Fortune Formula”

The four elements are so fundamental to daily life. It’s easy to find them within crystals, herbs, even the tarot suits. Earth, water, wind, and fire are some of my favorite nature energies to work with as well. I love … Continue reading

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Welcoming Brigid

Bride (Brìghde) or Brigid is a Celtic goddess of creativity, healing, and poetry. Imbolc is her holiday, falling on the first day of February. In Scotland, people lit candles in her honour and visited holy wells on her feast day. … Continue reading

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Manifesting with Star Energies: Ursa Major

Winter is a time when the earth seems to sleep, dreaming of new growth in the spring. We slow down, spend more time indoors, and begin taking our first steps towards creating our goals for the year. Many spiritual teachers … Continue reading

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Mini-layouts: If you don’t have time for the Celtic Cross

Sometimes I pick up a tarot or oracle deck and I want a quick answer to a complex situation. I don’t always want to lay out 5 or 7 cards to map out every possible nuance of a problem. This … Continue reading

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