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Tarot Layout for Activists and Changemakers

    1. Which movement or vision of collective change do I resonate with? 2. How does this movement mirror a need for change within myself? 3. What action am I inspired to take? 4. What is the benefit of my … Continue reading

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Looking Twice

When receiving a tarot reading, my favorite moment occurs when the reader asks me a question or reveals a message that I did not see coming. It’s a delightful shock that often changes my point of view. I love to … Continue reading

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Following My Earth Dharma

This simple card layout is one of my favorite ways to receive energetic support and nurturing from the earth. I draw one tarot and one oracle card to help me explore this connection. I drew these two cards a few … Continue reading

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Balanced Light of the Sun: Equinox Three Worlds Shuffling for Tarot

I have admired shamanic traditions from the Americas for many years, Maya and Andean mysticism. Shamanic cultures believe there are three worlds. The lower world is associated with inherited family patterns, the unconscious, healing animal and plant spirits. The middle … Continue reading

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The Lovers: A Reading for Inner Harmony

This Valentine’s Day post is not about romance – or Valentine’s Day. Although I’m incredibly lucky to live with my wonderful partner and best friend, I have never liked Valentine’s Day and its exclusive focus on couples. In the last … Continue reading

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