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(This interview with Anita Garr was published in my newsletter before 2012. It is still valid today as we navigate the fifth world.) An Interview with Anita Garr, assistant to Don Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac  How did you come to work … Continue reading

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You Are Always Becoming: Bridging Mayan Sacred Numerology with Feminist Tarot

Numbers can identify where you are in the process of creating your life. Unlike the masculine idea of success, where you “arrive”, a more feminine approach exists that connects manifestation to cycles of time. The numbers in both the Mayan … Continue reading

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Balanced Light of the Sun: Equinox Three Worlds Shuffling for Tarot

I have admired shamanic traditions from the Americas for many years, Maya and Andean mysticism. Shamanic cultures believe there are three worlds. The lower world is associated with inherited family patterns, the unconscious, healing animal and plant spirits. The middle … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Maria Apaza! In Gratitude to Indigenous People and their Wisdom

This beautiful photo (thanks to Pachamama Ayni) celebrates the 80th birthday of a Q’ero medicine woman named Maria Apaza. She is an altomisayoq, a carrier of the mountain misa or medicine bundle, and she speaks to the powerful mountain spirits … Continue reading

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Trecenas: The 13 Day Pyramid

In the late 1990’s, I was fortunate to meet people who were studying and following the Mayan Sacred Calendar, the Tzolk’in. This 260 day cycle contains two smaller cycles: twenty daysigns and 13 day “weeks” called trecenas. Every trecena is … Continue reading

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