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Shamanic Dreamwork

Everyone dreams. Shamanic dreamwork expands on our natural nighttime dream experiences. Instead of using plant medicines like ayahuasca, shamanic dreamers journey within the dreamscape to meet with their helping spirits. To better understand a dream’s meaning, they also journey with … Continue reading

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Manifesting with Shamanic Dreamwork

Shamanic dreamwork is a strong part of the shamanic tradition, that is often overlooked. In many cultures, instead of trance journeying with a drum, highly developed dreaming skills are the way medicine people connect with the Otherworld. Shamanic dreamwork often … Continue reading

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Dreaming with the “stone of light”

In the 1990s, I discovered a wonderful book called Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer.  It was written by Rosita Arvigo, with Nadine Epstein.  It describes Rosita Arvigo’s apprenticeship to a Mayan healer and herbalist named Don Eligio Pantí. … Continue reading

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Dreaming An Animal Spirit Teacher

Dreams that introduce you to nature energies are very special.  Sometimes there is a natural energy that is wanting to work with you but you’re not aware of it.  Dreams are a wonderful way to experience this.  It is especially … Continue reading

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