Selecting Stone Helpers


Seeing stone helpers:

  • Stones may look like an animal or symbol.  
  • They may have a color that speaks to you.  
  • You may notice an aura around them.  
  • Stones with a natural hole in them are thought to be good for divination or dreaming.  

Hearing stone helpers:

  • Stones have powerful voices and messages.  
  • Sometimes quartz crystals are the easiest to hear when you’re beginning.  
  • Stones out in nature can be even more powerful.  If you feel or hear a very clear message someplace out in nature, it may be not just be the place.  There may be also a special stone that is communicating to you.

Feeling the energy of stone helpers:

  • You may also be called to a special stone by how you feel.  
  • You can hold the stone in your hands to begin to communicate with it or after cleansing it, you may want to put it close to your navel.  
  • In the Andean and Mayan traditions, a stone guide may reveal itself to you this way.

A Samhain Dreaming Stone Practice

Go to a boundary stream and with closed eyes, take from the water three stones between middle finger and thumb, saying these words as each is gathered:                        

    I will lift the stone

       As Mary lifted it for her Son,

       For substance, virtue, and strength;

       May this stone be in my hand

       Till I reach my journey’s end.

(Scots Gaelic)

         Togaidh mise chlach,

         Mar a thog Moire da Mac,

         Air bhr�gh, air bhuaidh, ‘s air neart;

         Gun robh a chlachsa am dh�rn,

         Gus an ruig mi mo cheann uidhe.

Carry them home carefully and place them under your pillow. That night, ask for a dream that will give you guidance or a solution to a problem, and the stones will bring it for you.

If you enjoy this practice, you are welcome to join us at Shamanic Earth Medicine, a community of of shamanic dreamers, practitioners, changemakers, and earth healers.

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