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A Sense of Belonging is Grounded in the Natural World and the Ancestors

  “I’m a Lakota woman. I’m so grateful for that. Not a lot of people around the world can say that. And we are still here, surviving. They were trying to take us out hundreds of years ago. They were … Continue reading

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Meeting Beautyberry

You’ve heard of people who talk to plants. So how do plants talk to people? Flower reading is one of the ways. You might think herbalists read about healing wild plants in books and then go looking for them in … Continue reading

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Flower Reading and Healing: Getting Started

(The following is from my free email series “Learn Flower Reading and Healing”. Sign up here to read more). Sometime today, take a walk outdoors. Find a flower that appeals to you. Ask to connect to its healing spirit. Weeds … Continue reading

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Following the “Ways” of our Wild Ancestors

“Rather than healing the Earth, we should be looking to the Earth to heal us.” –Paul Deveraux, Re-Visioning the Earth. This image from the Greenwood Tarot depicts Elen of the Ways. The “ways” are the trails ancient Europeans followed to hunt … Continue reading

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Listening to the Earth: Nature Divination with Cards

photo: John Connelly People who practice nature divination assume the earth is a living, wise being. Some refer to this conscious earth energy as Gaia. Gaia constantly communicates with us through psychic messages, signs, and coincidences. Learning to read these … Continue reading

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